Sow A Seed Trust


Sow A Seed  (SAS) is a youth development charitable trust. It has been established to provide practical help and encouragement to children so that they can have a good childhood, and to support and mentor young people so that they can have positive adolescence experiences.


SAS makes a positive impact to the lives of targeted children and young people in the UK and abroad, who may be significantly underachieving compared to their peers due to being disadvantaged or vulnerable because of different life experiences, including:

- Struggling with family bereavement  

- Separation of, and/or, from parents  

- Lack of positive peer and older role models

SAS achieves transformational results through interdependent programmesthat contribute to breaking barriers to achievement, building confidence and self-worth, reducing language and cultural barriers, minimising the risk of isolation, and ensuring individuals are positively integrated into society:

Children Early Intervention

- Youth Development

- Family Referral

- Ghana Outreach



SAS work in collaborative partnership with local councils, community groups, networks and organisations, schools and other local service providers to help identify and provide support to children and young people who are doing significantly less well than their peers, those at greatest risk of offending, and have the greatest risk of poor outcomes; including those at risk of becoming a Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) statistic.

SAS serve children and young people, and families through:

  1. Children Early Intervention Programme

The aim of the programme is to priorities vulnerable individuals and groups so that emerging issues can be addressed in order to prevent problems from developing in the future.


Pre-NEETs Project

This is an early intervention project that targets children and young people who fall into the criteria for intervention. The aim is to make an early positive impact to minimise, if not totally prevent, the threat and possibility of children becoming a NEET statistic.

Project activities include Early Intervention workshops:

- Art and craft sessions to give children the opportunity to express themselves, be creative and to contribute to society in a positive way.

- Music training and mentoring sessions for children who may not have the privilege and opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments, giving them the chance to develop new skills.

- Sports and games, including football coaching

- Learning difficulties therapeutic sessions

- Leisure pursuits and social outings

- Summer camps

  1. Youth Development Programme

Mentoring workshops

The sessions are designed to bring children and young people out of the conditions of being unskilled, unemployed, unaware and untrained by providing drop-in centres that offer opportunities to participate in bespoke support training and mentoring workshop sessions of:

- Skills and personal development

- Employability routes

- Enterprise opportunities 

- Training, support further education and continual professional development

  1. Family Referral Programme

SAS work alongside different organisations to refer families to different services available in their local borough to meet their needs, including:

- Marriage counselling

- Homeless accommodation

- Financial management


  1. Ghana Outreach Programme

This is a planned future activity of SAS. The charity is fully committed to making a positive impact to the lives of abandoned children in Ghana, Africa by building a residential complex to provide children and young people with:

- A committed family to provide care and support

- A security and safe home environment

- Adequate supply of food, water and clean clothing

- Equal opportunities, and

- Best possible start to life

These children and young people face:

- Barriers to achieving

- Low confidence and self-worth

- Cultural barriers

- Risk of abandonment, starvation, health and homelessness



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