Opening doors programme


The Opening Doors programme provides different workshops so that emerging issues among young people can be addressed in order to prevent problems from developing in the future. In partnership with different organisations such as the local council and metropolitan police we cover the following topics:


  • Company 
    Choices and Consequences Challenging young people to make positive life choices and to set educational, behavioural and social targets

  • Drug Awareness
    Unpacking information about drugs in a practical wayand gives young people insight on the effects drugs have on peoples lives.

  • Identity
    Looking at the question Who am I? This workshop inspirers young people to be confident about who they are and howto deal with peer pressure.

  • Sexual Health
    Exploring positive and negative relationships in thecontext of sexual health.

  • Career and Aspirations
    This inspiring workshop equips individuals with key tools to achieve and succeed in life helpingthem to raise their aspirations.

  • Gangs and Crime
    Exploring gang and crime issues and challenging young people on their perception of the police and authority. 
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Other services we provide are:
One to One and Group Mentoring

This is an early intervention programme engaging with year 6 and secondary school students aiming to make a positive impact to prevent the threat of students becoming a NEET statistic.