Why do you need my help?

Through our fundraising campaigns for causes in Africa, we are aiming to raise a total of £200.000 to build a residential complex (land, homes, library, meeting room and a playground) providing adoption for abandoned children in Ghana, Africa. To buy 2-3 acres of land in Ghana it will cost £3,500 to £8,000. Building each home will cost around £12,000 without furnishing. Alongside the costs of building a residential complex there are also maintenance fees that will apply to make the residential complex run effectively.

We will be building homes step-by-step so monthly donations would be a huge help to the campaign and the lives of others. Alongside regular giving, there is an opportunity to volunteer by doing a campaign for the charity in your area. There is also an opportunity for people to go to Ghana to help build the residential complex from the start to the end.

Sow A Seed also provides inspirational and practical life-changing work in the UK. Generally, schools and organisations we provide our services to fund the workshops and mentoring being implemented in the UK. Due to financial cuts in external early intervention services in schools and youth organisations, some of our sessional leaders run sessions as volunteers. If you could donate to support the sessional workers and the services we provide in the community across the UK that would be an enormous appreciated. 


How much should I give?

The main projects we immediately need donations for are the buying of land and building causes. Likewise, any amount you are able to sow to support our sponsorship work in Ghana would go a long way. 

A gift of just £3 a month, which is only 10p a day, could make such a vital difference to the lives of adopted children.

100 people giving £10 a month for a year would raise enough funds to build a home to house six children. 

50 people giving £20 a month for a year would raise enough funds to build two homes to house 12 children


Why are you building a residential complex?

The reason Sow A Seed is building a residential complex is based on our research that was done in Ghana. After speaking to social welfare offers, it was identified that the government are moving away from the traditional orphanage / children’s home model due to the unbalanced ratio between carers or volunteers and children. Consequently, the government is keener on people fostering or adopting children. This is in line with the principles of Sow A Seed charity, as we believe that every child should have the privilege to be a part of a family.

We are fully committed to making a positive impact on the lives of abandoned children in Ghana, Africa by building a residential complex to provide children with:

  • A committed family to provide care and support
  • A security and safe home environment
  • Adequate supply of food, water and clean clothing
  • Equal opportunities
  • Best possible start to life